The Bogg Bag is our favorite tote, stylish enough for a girl’s weekend and large enough for family day at the beach. Take the Bogg Bag along for all your adventures(beach days, lake life, camping trips, and even overnighters) and know that our durable, washable, tip-proof, sturdy design will give you peace of mind knowing you have everything you need in a bag, just don’t forget the sunscreen! Bogg Bags are designed with you in mind. We love the beach but we don’t love bringing sand home, so they designed this bag to be washable. Simply rinse off at the end of the day and it’s as good as new again, ready for the next adventure! 
Original Bogg Bags are the Largest Tote
Baby Boggs are the Smaller Tote
Each Bogg Bag contains 1 snap in bag on the inside

**Bogg Bags also offer bogg brrrr which is a cooler that fits perfectly inside the bag**

Original Bogg Bag